Our Vision

Our vision is clear: to tackle systemic racial and economic inequality.

  • We aim to provide mentoring directly to the community through a big brother/sister programme to guide and help shape the lives of young people in need. Offer business advice, mentorship and resources - to help people in the community create their own businesses.
  • We aim to create a clothing line of basics that are clean and modern yet timeless. The money generated from the clothing line will be used to fund the rest of the work that the company does and donated to similar causes.
  • We will provide education to disadvantaged children, teenagers and adults in group and virtual classes in areas such as racial inequality, Black British history, financial literacy, digital literacy and mental wellbeing.
  • We will conduct independent research on racial and economic inequality in the UK to generate discussion, change and policy engagement.
  • Provide scholarships for disadvantaged children and teenagers to private schools, academies, extracurricular institutions of excellence and university.

And perhaps most importantly, we aim to facilitate and keep alive the discussion on racism, racial inequality and economic inequality.